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The Truth about Healthy Protein David Getoff Interview (part 2) from the Archive

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The Truth about Healthy Protein David Getoff Interview (part 2) from the Archive

The Perfect Human Diet

Here is more unseen footage from my filming of the documentary. "From the cutting room floor" as it were (of course editing is all digital now, edited on computers instead of cutting strips of 35mm film and syncing a separate audio track). 

I suspect as a subscriber to my blog you know about the currently popular theory that by eliminating all animal foods and replacing them with plant foods as the singular source of food, aka vegan-ism, the human species can still have the healthiest life possible. 

In this continuation of the conversation with David Getoff outlining what he'd most like people to understand about any method of eating, number two on his list is getting the public to understand:

  • what healthy protein really is
  • what forms of healthy protein are best for humans
  • and, the important place of these healthy proteins in your diet. 

Even a bit about what kind of foods those healthy sources of protein should be eating too.

As I watched the film footage during the initial edit for the film (and again for the upcoming companion book) I realized that one of the most important take aways from the experts in the documentary, and perhaps the most important, is this: when we understand the full "becoming human" story, it's clear that plant foods cannot replace animal foods.

In fact, modern humans would not be here (and fussing about animal foods in our diet as some do), if our predecessors had remained vegetarians - an important understanding that I put in the "Think Again" category.

Animal proteins and fats are irreplacable in an optimal human diet
— C.J. Hunt

I hope you enjoyed watching this previously unseen interview footage from my film, there's plenty more to come.

The photo's on this post are courtesy of George Thompson who contributed recipies to the companion book due out this October. The top of the page is Boneless Duck Breast with a "Nothing but a Green Salad," and the video screen is "Zucchetti (w/fresh pesto sauce) topped with seared Shrimp and Scallops." 

To learn more about David Getoff, his lectures, educational DVD's and practice see

For more about the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in San Diego see

If you missed it, or just want to watch again, you can see part one on of my interview with David about Healthy Fats here. And as always, I invite you to share your comments and thoughts with me below.

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