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The Truth about Healthy Fats David Getoff Interview (part 1) from the Archive

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The Truth about Healthy Fats David Getoff Interview (part 1) from the Archive

The Perfect Human Diet

One of the most interesting, well respected, and some traditional physicians would say controversial, experts I met during production of The Perfect Human Diet, is David J. Getoff. David is a Naturopath, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and the current Vice President of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in San Diego, California.

Now what's so controversial, if anything, about David? Ignoring for the moment the low hanging fruit, e.g., the difference in the fundamental belief systems that underpin naturopathy and modern medical care. 

I'd say the most "controversial" thing about David is how hard he will fight to help you achieve what you need to be your healthiest even if you're faced with a major disease. That's to say, as long as you're committed too. And he won't soft-sell the pathway to health, you've entered the "no coddling zone." You'll hear exactly what you need to hear, straight on... like this bit of wisdom (one of my favorites).

Very often the word convenience comes up, you know. Well, this is not convenient, that is not convenient, and I’ve said over and over and over again - health is not convenient, but it’s not half as inconvenient as a fatal illness. Which would you like to choose?
— David Getoff in The Perfect Human Diet

As promised when I launched this blog, here is some never before seen footage from the filming of  THE PERFECT HUMAN DIET™ documentary. In this conversation I asked David to outline what he'd most like people to understand about any method of eating. Number one on his list is getting the public to understand healthy fats.

I hope you enjoyed watching this previously unseen footage.

To learn more about David, his lectures, educational DVD's and practice see

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