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From Reporter to Advocate

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CJ Hunt reports on various topics hot in the diet and nutrition world.


From Reporter to Advocate

The Perfect Human Diet

Welcome to my new blog. Since this is a completely new way of sharing information and stories with you outside of filmmaking and my professional experience in radio and television reporting, and it's also my invitation to a more personal way for us to connect, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you how this came about.

What you see below is an edited excerpt from the upcoming companion book to the film that hits bookstores in October (I'll share more about that in future blogs). It explains the reasons for this professional shift, and why the companion book - and now this website and blog - have been brought to life. I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it and future postings ~ CJ

From Reporter to Advocate - Excerpted from the Preface in CJ Hunt's how-to companion book to the film "The Perfect Human Diet" (arriving October 2015)  

I never intended to become an advocate for these new scientific discoveries. When I began my search for the solution to diet-related obesity and chronic disease, my journalistic goal with my film The Perfect Human Diet was to remain solely an objective reporter. I planned to let the film’s researchers and scientific experts speak to their latest discoveries in the newly emerging field of “human evolutionary nutrition,” keeping my own opinions to myself. The hard scientific evidence would stand on its own, whatever I found. This way, my investigative documentary, whose creation was inspired by the late ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings’ “In Search of...” TV specials, and the early journalistic curiosity of Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey on their talk shows, wouldn’t be an intentional sales piece produced in an effort to convince you that “I’m right,” and that you should live the way I advise. As a viewer, you watch the film, and then decide for yourself if and how you want to utilize the film’s discoveries to optimize your health.

So what inspired this new direction of advocacy? Unexpectedly, two things happened to inspire me to take this new tact. The first occurred while I was watching the original uncut interview footage in the editing room. I was able then to focus on the interviews’ content in a way that wasn’t possible while conducting the interviews. It struck me that the film crew and I had recorded critical revelations about the human diet, both past and present, and its relationship to our health, that was previously unknowable. I realized that this was truly game-changing information that everyone with interest in their own health and that of their loved ones should know about.

The second thing that spurred me to advocacy was meeting with audience members over the first few months of the film’s premier screenings.... they, too, wanted “first person” practical everyday ideas. They viewed me as an “expert by experience” who they could relate to. I was moved and inspired by their belief in me and by their heartfelt questions.....

CJ Hunt

So, advocate it is. But not advocating my opinions. I’m here to help shed more light on the first person research and amazing science revealing to us what was previously unknowable, part of which is the truly game changing, hard science discovery of the authentic human diet. No more dietary theories, guesses or inventions – but instead, breakthrough scientific facts.... 

Adding this simple knowledge to your resources will set you on the course to make your best decisions about which foods will make you as healthy as you can possibly be—for the rest of your life.

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