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Creator of The World’s First Paleo Movie releases groundbreaking book: NYTimes Bestseller Robb Wolf reviews.

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Creator of The World’s First Paleo Movie releases groundbreaking book: NYTimes Bestseller Robb Wolf reviews.

The Perfect Human Diet

Every artist or writer who creates an original work such as a music composition, a book, a play or a film hopes  earnestly that it will be well received.

With great excitement I recently I sent a number of people in the paleo community I respect a copy of my new how-to companion book "The Perfect Human Diet: The Simple Doctor-Proven Solution for the Health and Life you Deserve" in the hopes they would tell me what they really thought about the book. (Published by Morgan James Publishing,NY)

I asked them to let me know their thoughts privately, or, if they felt the book worthy, publicly. Ideally somewhere  like an Amazon review as those are important to give credibility to any new book.

Particularly since there are now literally hundreds of "paleo diet" books available, including excellent books from the best selling authors in the genre, like Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution) and Loren Cordain (The Paleo Diet). Nicely enough, they both appear in my film The Perfect Human Diet, the world's first paleo movie.

As you might expect, it's much better if someone else says something good about the book, endorsing it, or explaining how it's new and different. They are in a unique position to clarify why you would want to get it. Why you should buy it for yourself or someone you care about, rather than me trying to sell you on the idea it can be of great benefit, no matter how much I believe it (and I do). 

It was so gratifying to see that Robb gave the book 5 Stars, and wrote such a considered review.

And I also have the great pleasure to be with a publisher who loves to give to a worthy cause, and to buyers of the book too. With each book purchase the publisher makes a donation to Habitat for Humanity. And if you buy the paperback or hardcover, you get a free ebook version too (instructions for the free ebook are included inside the book).

Here is Robb's review from my Amazon book page.

Five Stars The diet that is perfect for you!
By Robb Wolf on October 14, 2015

"The Perfect Human Diet is an outstanding resource for finding your path to optimal health. How the PHD arrives at this prescriptive is built from equal parts basic science research and the practical application of our ancestral diet in a modern medical format.
In the basic science section the author relates dozens of interviews such as those with the Max Planck institute of Evolutionary Biology, in which the Original Human diet is teased from techniques such as stable isotope analysis (essentially what our forebears ate left a chemical signature in their bones). This is not an opinion piece, this is the factual reconstruction of the diet that made us human.
The shocking conclusion is that our ancestors were remarkably healthy living as hunter gatherers, and the transition to agriculture, was not benign.
The practical application piece comes from extensive conversations with one of the best medical practitioners in the world, Lane Sebring MD. Dr. Sebring has been using paleo/ancestral health concept with his patients for more than 15 years with remarkable success in a wide range of diseases. From cardiovascular disease to autoimmunity to simply helping his patients lose weight. Unlike books written by pure academics, the PHD takes not only the best from the research community but also the deep insights offered by top level clinicians."

There are other reviews on Amazon now as well which may interest you.  

Of course, I'd love to see what you think, and your review is certainly welcome.

Where can you get it? The Book is available now at your favorite bookstore. Or, if you prefer shopping online, sellers include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Chapters-Indigo, iBooks and Powell's Books to name a few. Widely available internationally as well.

Click the image below for live links to many booksellers.

As always, your comments or questions are always welcome!

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